Office trip to Tokyo

April 16, 2023

Ever since I first saw Blade Runner when I was 15, I’ve been obsessed with Tokyo, which I know doesn’t make any sense because that film is set in Los Angeles. But something about the futuristic, neon-lit, rainy streets of the film made me want to go to, what I figured was, the closest thing in real life.

I’ve always had a fascination for the future as presented by science fiction. And especially the graphic design — what does the logo for that little noodle place on the corner look like in the future? The cab company? The cleaning service? The Police? All of this fascinates me. So I decided to go to Tokyo and immerse myself in futuristic design for a few weeks.

I spent three weeks going to museums, building my website, studying typography, architecture and signage around the city, as well as meeting some fellow designers for coffee.

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